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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.

Taking the first step

Here goes nothing.Other than some more blogspot space that is.

I am a third year student doing my B.S.Over here,this means I am in my final year.So all I hear is how serious this year is and how serious I should get.People think I am not serious enough for a serious year in college.I do not know why they get this impression.It's not like I am mimicking everything word they say.Maybe a little but no funny noises.Okay, everytime they make such procalmations, I do shout out "Thats what you think..." followed by dum dum dee dum.

But in all seriousness,I try to be as serious as Sirius can be.Thats why I tell people to call me an Animagus.They don't get it.

Hmmm...seems like I lost my train of thought.They never run on time anyways.

Coming back to my inane rumblings,I was in college today.It wasn't too hectic considering the fact that it was the first week.The only thing of importance that was to happen was to get my railway concession.I have been trying to get it for the last two days, but providence seems to have been plotting against me.The day before today,the tokens were over.And yesterday,there were no concession forms for the Western railways.

Today was going to be different.Not only did they have tokens , they also had the concession form.But we get the token today.In lieu of a form that we give to them.They file away the form in some God-forsaken place.I believe this gives them the climax that they miss while having sex.

So here I was , standing in the line waiting for my turn.The line was growing at the same rate at which the tokens were disappearing.Finally, it was my turn.

"Good morning Ma'am." (Hands over the form)

"Hello." (Scrutinizes the form for rookie mistakes)

On finding no mistakes with the form,she hands it back to me stating that my handwriting wasn't upto the mark.

Blimey!I thought I was filling up the form for the sake of filling up the form.I never knew that these forms were up for awards under the handwriting competition that the Railways conduct every once in 99 years.

I trudged back to the table on which the forms were kept.Filled it up again.In the same vein as before.Got back in line.Turn approaches.No pleasantries.Just stares and curses.Form accepted.Token given.Come back tomorrow and collect your concession.

Having negotiated Sun-Tzu,I decided that it was a time to celebrate.

I went down to the canteen and ate something rather forgettable.I would mention specifics but I forgot what I ate.Anwyays, having nothing much to do,I decided to head back home.

Got back home and a Gmail invite beckons me.Ahhhhh ladyluck smiles on me.Made my gmail account.Sent out a quick note to my buddies on my alternate address while bloating about its 1 Gb capacity.Checked for responses.Some bigot had my account down for some sleazy porn sites.Come on, if you want to spam me...atleast make it worthwhile for the spamee.

And then I decided to make this blog.Just to get a lot of things of my chest.I may not be as coherent as many others on blowspot.com , but i shall make my best efforts to blow till people applaud.

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