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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.


Picture this.

I'm sitting where I am right now doing what I am right now(browsing the net..damn you perverts!).Suddenly I get mail.Blissfully ignorant of how my life was going to change(over the internet),I ignored the mail for a few minutes.Finally boredom hit me at the crotch and I decided to take a look.The first few lines seemed promising....
"XXXXX invites you to create a Gmail account...."

I leaped out of chair shouting out not-so-good words.Khushi ke gaali.Finally,all the lying,begging and stealing worked.Someone took pity on my poor soul and invited me to make a gmail account.1GB of storage space!I wondered what mails I would have to get to fill it up completely.As I was wondering about that,my alterego took over.

"Hmmm...why waste time thinking about that now.Send out a quick mail to everyone you know and everyone you wanted to know but never knew a mail saying that you got gmail.Its natural for one to gloat about stuff like this."

I wanted to shout out..."Geek!It's the internet and not the end of the world.It's not like I was giving out specifics on where to find the Philosopher's stone." Oops,forget I ever said anything about that.

Anyways ,after wrestling with my alterego for a few seconds , I sent out a quick mail to Tom,Dick and Harry along with mails to Julia,Gloria and Mary.

Hehe.Miserable prats,I thought to myself.

The I decided to check out some news at rediff.Nothing of import...wait..whats that.Rediffmail offers 1Gb of storage space.Holy fucktarts!How did these buggers get on level terms with Goggle.Anyways,my alterego decided to take off for a long vacation.My head shrunk to the size of a peanut.

I checked back on my gmail account to see if anybody had replied as of yet.I did the same for three days.Nope.No mail to bring back my alterego for a gloat fest.It's just me now.So suffer my rants in silence.And please comment on my posts.It's hard to pst comments on my own post.

PS: It's ironic that I chose to listen to "Main aisa kyon hoon" while I slugged out on this post.
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