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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.

Blogger revealed

I am going to kick off a new feature today called "Myself revealed".(No, I haven't started working for a porno site inspite of the offers I keep getting from them.)

This week deals with : Humor.

Most people call me funny.Those who don't are insignificant.

I am really good at making fun of other people.So I make fun of you and everyone but you starts laughing.I feel nice about it.

Somedays I make fun of the people who laugh at my jokes.Initially, they laugh for a bit.It's only after they have started thinking that they realize that they are laughing at themselves.So midway through their laugh,their face contorts.That's because of the fact that they are half-way between laughing at themselves and spitting at me.

Now it's my turn to laugh at them.

They tell me to get lost.

I take the hint and shut up for a bit.

After a few seconds have elapsed(my refractory period), I start off again.They begin to get irritated and start calling me names.

I stop for a bit.I feel heavy.

So I take a leak and come back.

By now, their mood seems to be getting better.

I start making fun of them again.

They are working themselves into a temper.They prod me with sticks and throw stones at me.

I slink away like a thief at night.I hide behind a counter and watch them regroup.I can hear their animated chatter.They point towards me and keep saying the word "Bomb".

After sometime,I get near the group again.I make fun of them....again.

They ignore me.

How dare they!

When the clawing and biting gets really bad,they notice me and throw me to the ground.They bound me and gag me and take me to an undisclosed loacation.

They remove the gag.They look at me with such malicious intent that I stop making fun of them.

For today.

The group picks me up and throws me into an abyss.

I fall and I fall......and land on a huge pile of manure.

I lay there, stunned.Only then does it dawn to me that my jokes stink.

The group,my loyal readers, are none other than my friends.

Moral of this feature : With friends like these, you are already in deep shit.
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