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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.


Silence greeted us with a warm embrace as we made our way to the park.The sun wasn't out yet and the world seemed abondoned.

A carefree breeze wafted around us, enthused to have found some life.The trees rustled in glee as they played along with the breeze.A few birds chirped here and there, breaking the silence with a surprising loudness.

She walked beside me, casually chatting about nothing.The wind played about her hair causing it to fall across her face.She flicked back the offending strands in her own inimitable fashion.

She caught me looking at her.I looked away, a little shamefaced.

"What," she said with her voice full of mischief.

"Nothing," I mumbled.I wasn't sure if she heard me but she didn't press on the issue.

Maybe now is not the time, I told myself.But then again, I may never know when the right time is.

We walked for a bit, hand in hand, with silence for company.The sky metamorphosed to a bright orange as the sun woke up from its slumber.The air stilled,as if comforted by the warm rays, and then the sky broke down above us.

She ran for cover while I stood still, mesmerized by the rain.My body felt surprisingly warm under the torrent of rain.

A big smile broke out on my face as I whirled about the summer shower.

"Come over here," she chided me while thoroughly getting wet under the tree.

I jogged towards her and held out my hand.She looked at me, curiously, and then reached out for my hand.I looked into her eyes for a moment and then pulled her towards me.

"You will get the both of us sick," she said in mock protest.

I pointed out towards the sky where a rainbow had burst into the sky.She looked at the sky ,her hair all over her face and a faint smile dancing on her lips, enraptured.

I looked at her; enraptured.

Now, I told myself.

I leant even closer and whispered into her ears, "Will you marry me?"

She looked at me, her face impishly cute, and said, "Damn! You stole my lines."

I grabbed her then,under the summer storm as the rain danced around us, and kissed her until the world stopped.

"You were right about getting sick," I said.

"Why is that," she asked with amusement.

"Never in the right mind would I have asked you to marry me," I told her as my eyes burst out in laughter.My arm had a different story to tell.
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