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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.

Why did the chciken cross the road - II

George Bush
We have reasons to believe that the chicken still retained the capability to cross the road.Even though the claim of the chicken crossing the road hasn't been substantiated, we know that it had the intent to cross the road.Hence, our action against the chicken was justified for the greater good of chickenhood.

Prince Harry
The chicken can cross the road... it's not like it's black or anything.

Jan Engleland
The levels of foreign aid which encourages the chicken to cross the road have been really low.

Michael Moore
The role of George Bush behind the chicken's motive hasn't come out yet, so wait for my new documentary called "Chicken-Bush 9-11"

Ariel Sharon
It's because of such chickens that we have been forced to build a wall along the border.

Joseph Stalin
I couldn't care less.Catch it, crack its eggs and make me my omelette.

You tell me.

Margaret Thatcher
It had no other alternative.

Oprah Winfrey
And now the chicken will share with us the traumatic incidents that provoked him to cross the road.

George Orwell
The chicken may have been thinking that he was crossing the road on his own free will, but he was actually serving the Government's interest.

Gregor Mendel
To get various strains of road.

It did not.I was playing golf with the chicken at that time.

General Musharaff
The chicken was a freedom fighter and his crossing the road symbolizes the state of unrest Kashmir is in.

We have shocking proof on how the Shankaracharya abetted the chicken in crossing the road.

To prove that a chicken could never cross the road.

Isaac Newton
For every chicken crossing the road, there is a hen walking towards the other side

Tony Blair
I still agree with George.
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