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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.

The Secret Diary of Saurav Ganguly


Won the toss, things might turn around... darn, Sachin's out.Be back in a few.
Lasted one ball; only thing to around was me; back to the pavillion.

Fuckin ball keeps following me; I nearly got socked by a pullshot off Butt.He nearly made me the butt of all jokes.

Won the match; next match will be mine!


Won the toss again; things are looking up.This match...; darn, Sachin's out again.I'm sending in Dhoni; if he fails and I score, he will make me look good.Wicked plan, eh?

I tell you, I'm going to take the Paki's to the cleaners.

Got cleaned up by Sami; and the little twerp named Dhoni scored 148.But I'm not out of form; I can tell you this from the fact that I managed to outscore Sachin as well as Kaif; they made 2 and 0 while I made 9!

Won the match; next match might be mine.


Lost the toss; things are going from good to bad.

Pakistan piled up 313; over-rate was really slow.I think my bowlers are trying to get me suspended by the match-refree; they care so much about me *sniff sniff*

Today I outscored Sehwag and Yuvraj; they made 3 while I made 4.I'm back in form, baybee!

Chris Broad isn't as smart as I would have hoped; he merely fined me 70% of my match-fee.For a man who is biased against Asian players, he seemed quite genial.

Ohhh and by the way, we lost the match.Next match will be mine!


Won the toss again; things are looking up again!

The match started late; pitch was damp.I think the curators were trying to help me by foiling the match from taking place.

Managed to score 315; today, I outscored Kaif.I think he is the one who is out of form; might have to drop him.

Pakistan won off the last ball; terrific match.I tried to bribe Inzi with free french fries for one year; it didn't work.Maybe I should have talked to him in Hindi, I don't think he understood my offer.

Got called up by Chris Broad again; for the slow over-rate.Managing a slow over-rate for two consecutive matches is hard work; I think he appreciated the effort I put into it and packed me off for 6 matches.

I owe it all to my ever-supportive team-mates without whom this wouldn't have been possible.Infact, I made up a little jingle which might make Zaheer happy: Zach makes it possible.

Like I stated in the previous entry, this match was mine.Now I will have more time for endorsements.
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