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Insanely Inane Thoughts

If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.

Womanese revisited; again

Bold is what she says; italics is how we should understand it ;)

It will hardly take me five minutes.
It's going to take me two hours or so but I won't tell you that.

You seem perky tonight
Is sex all you can think of?!?

So, what was the reason between you and your ex splitting up?
I want to know what's wrong with you.

Are you gay?
Why don't you like me?

Fine, do what you want.
You're gonna pay for that later, fucktards.

How much do you love me?
I screwed up; big-time.

Let's talk.
I want to talk.

Ohhh, it was a "girls night out" yesterday.
We made fun of you and your friends (just like all the other nights).

We need to understand each other better.
You need to argee with me more often.

I love frank and honest people.
I love people who tell me what I want to hear.

What do you think of this girl/these girls?
I need to know if I have competition.

So you have nothing to hide from me; no secrets?
What a bore!

I've hardly prepared for the wedding.
I need to do more to make the other girls jealous.

I'm not in the mood, honey.
You screwed up; big-time.

You are so mean.
I like that.

Why can't men be nice like you?
Why are you always nice?

Womanese revisted
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